First Journal Entry

So this is my first attempt at online journaling. I don’t know if I’ll continue to use this or Facebook or whatever; I’m just trying to figure out how to do this since I have done a poor job or keeping a journal or keeping in touch so if people are interested you can follow my life, if not that’s fine too, it’s more for my own edification anyways. I’m also going to try the 52 stories goal of posting a story from my life each week for a year for posterity sake. 

But I’ll start with today…

A growth on my leg when waking up this morning.

We started the day by sleeping through the beginning of church – oops. Cora was up late last night making scones she really wanted to make (which were surprisingly edible by the way) and I stayed up to help her take them out of the oven. 

 Cora’s peppermint chocolate overload scone cookies things

Ali went to church to teach her primary class while I got the lot ready and she came back to get us for sacrament. 

Dads famous Italian – French toast

We then ate some delicious breakfast and ran off to church. Really liked Bishop’s remarks about creating a society of goodness and that we must fit into the mold of which society you want to be part of by keeping the rules of that society. I.e. If I want to be part of a celestial society, then I need to keep celestial rules and laws. If I want an organized society I must be willing to live a life of order, etc. if I can’t keep the laws belonging to that society then I get separated from it. If I break a law of the land, I get out into prison perhaps. If i refuse to live the laws then I deny development into a member of that society and I would no longer feel at place in it. He said it far better than I can.

Cute kids at church waiting for dad to be done

We went on a freezing picnic and ate as fast as we could to get back in the car to get warm. Later tonight I had the opportunity to go with Brother Knotts and visit a wonderful mom and her sick 2 year old and give each of them a blessing. My heart goes out to all mothers struggling at home to care for kids while unpacking their house or any like task as their husband/dad is deployed. It takes courage and patience to endure such times in life.

I’m thankful to be with my family, that we are well, and our needs are being met.

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